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Climate Stories is 100% run by volunteers. We're an independent collective of writers, science and policy communicators and artists determined to fill the gaps in the climate change narrative.

We are looking for writers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, data visualization experts and other content producers for our re-launch on November 2019.

Get in touch with us via this group.


We must take an interdisciplinary approach to a pervasive, global and glaringly interdisciplinary problem. In writing investigative pieces on climate change and climate justice as well as coordinating campaigns for community activists, we will inevitably touch on critical issues like science literacy, policy and accountability, human rights, economics and many more. That means building up a base that includes writers, filmmakers, scientists, science communicators, analysts and artists is not only strategic but necessary. 


Our mission is simple: to tell more stories about climate change while helping communities on the frontlines craft their own.


And we want you to join us.

Help us go beyond telling stories.


Support us via

 5 USD a month
to tell frontline community resistance stories

250 PHP a month
to profile young climate activists

6.40 CND a month
to help us explore the intersections between human rights, economics, health and climate justice

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