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In Cebu, a new coal plant shares a wall with an orphanage. In Bataan lies the memory of Gloria Capitan, an anti-coal activist who was shot dead by a still unidentified man, a shrapnel grazing her grandchild. In La Union. In Negros. In Zambales.  The death tolls, the respiratory disease statistics, the intimidation cases soar. The stories go on. Our mission is to commit them to memory. 

Climate Stories was born out of the recognition that there aren't enough pieces tackling the struggle of the most vulnerable communities to climate impacts in the news and in popular culture. There is much talk on policy targets and temperature degree limits, but not enough - never enough - on the day to day struggle and fiery bravery of people on the frontlines.
We are an up and coming climate media non-profit based in Manila, Philippines. Armed with the tools of science and policy communication, digital campaigning, data storytelling and citizen journalism, we produce content on climate change and also seek to empower local journalists, young people and communities in the frontlines in filling the gaps in the climate change narrative.
We cover stories on climate justice for the most vulnerable groups to impacts. We track narratives about building resilience in the climate change era. We are especially interested in stories about a just transition to a renewable energy-powered world and drawing investments out of the fossil fuel industry. Lastly, we are closely watching a rights-based implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Bea Tulagan
Founder & Executive Director

Pecier Decierdo
Operations Director &
Science Editor

LJ Galvez
Community Manager

Louise Alcalde
Partnerships Manager

Karl Revelar
Partnerships Manager

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