Posted on March 21, 2019, 2:14 pm
46 secs

We want your climate change, energy and disaster resilience agendas.

In 2013, Yolanda ravaged the Philippines, taking away thousands of lives and leaving behind hundreds of mangled bodies in the streets. What happened next was the circus we all saw on international channels - the paralyzed disaster efforts that barely reached remote villages, the missing relief money that supposedly flowed from politician to locality, the unmistakable stench of death in the air. That year, the Philippines ranked first in the list of most vulnerable countries to climate change.

But the lesson flew past us. The Philippines is home to over twenty operating coal-fired power plants with twenty-nine more in the pipeline, relying mostly still on fossil fuels despite multiple warnings of even more extreme climate change due to increased temperatures giving way to stronger weather events. Most politicians in office dismiss these warnings in favor of the right to develop argument. 

We want your thoughts on this, and more - the thinking being if we don't demand answers from our candidates during the campaigning season, we will have nothing to hold them accountable to when they're in office. 

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